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Modular Armored Range Vehicle (MARV) Machine Gun with Mount Accessory - Green


Machine Gun with Mount accessory are made from flexible PVC  and rigid ABS plastics and fit on the MARV. This individual accesory is ideal to customize your MARV or enhance other 1:18 scale vehicles in your motor pool. 


The Modular Armored Range Vehicle (MARV) is the first original product from Wayward Goat Collectibles. The MARV is a 1:18 scale vehicle designed for use with your favorite 3.75"-4" action figures. Each MARV is constructed from durable injection-molded ABS and PVC plastics, and features a high level of detail, moving parts, and interchangable accessories. 

MARV Machine Gun with Mount - Green - 1:18 scale vehicle accessory

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